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Chamomile tree's scientific name is Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria). Its main substance is Apigenin. It is accepted that Can help you fall asleep easier Sleep more soundly



Normal L-Theanine (Amino Acid) is obtained from the young shoots of tea leaves as a result of research by Jackson Williams and the committee found that L-Theanine offers a smooth Alpha Brain Wave, helping to support concentration. of GABA in the brain gradually Slightly lower beta flow promotes relaxation (relaxation). Concentrating herbs result in more efficient performance. Sleep deeper and longer

Lemon balm is a herb from the same family as mint. Rich in the active ingredients Phenolic Acid and Flavonoids. Lemon Balm leaves contain Rosemarinic Acid which is found in Rosemary leaves. Rosemary) acts

An herb that has been used in Europe and Asia for over 2,000 years, leading to the use of valerian root extract as a treatment for insomnia. and relieve tension by Valerian root is currently registered as a herbal medicine for sleep and is commonly used in European countries.