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BODY BUTTER HEAVY CREAM Helps strengthen collagen under the skin. Makes the skin more elastic, soft, clear skin, does not dry out the skin. Helps to heal scars and helps reduce wrinkles on the skin. Along with being able to accelerate the creation of ENZYME in the skin to protect against free radicals. and increase moisture in the skin layer as well as make the skin stronger usage : Apply an appropriate amount of cream on the body. Gently massage until the cream is absorbed into the skin.

Skincare Products


BODY LOTION ARBUTIN for radiant skin every day That provides 10 times better performance than general beta arbutin, helping to brighten the skin color, reduce the appearance of freckles and dark spots with maximum efficiency. usage : Apply BODY LOTION ARBUTIN into the body as needed. For good results, it should be used daily in the morning.

Skincare Products



Body Shimmer Lotion, light texture with bronze pearls combined with fine particles of glitter that add a radiant glow to the skin when it is in the light. Whether it's the shoulder, chest, knee or back, even during the day and night and also revitalizes the skin reduce wrinkles helps to soothe the skin With 3 types of natural oils and retain moisture on the skin. Make the skin smooth and soft to the touch. usage : Apply BODY SHIMMER LOTION on the body, can be used as often as needed. Suitable for use on arms, legs, neck and shoulders to add glow to the skin.

HENTO WHITENING BODY CREAM Body care products with extracts from Spain Helps to whiten skin 10 times more than HYDROQUINONE. "Hento-White" acts to control the production of melanin pigment at the gene level to decrease. Revealing lasting radiant skin and see real results Stimulate new skin cell turnover, making the skin gradually white and bright without coming back to be dull again. Can see the change in 3 days without causing irritation. even sensitive skin usage : Apply an appropriate amount on the body, gently massage until the cream is absorbed into the skin.


Skin care products, perfumed gel, sherbet texture Lock the coolness on the skin. Comfortable for the skin all day long, light touch, absorbs quickly, retains moisture on the skin. Gives a fresh scent Along with nourishing the skin with different fruit extracts in each formula usage : Apply an appropriate amount of perfume gel on the body, gently massage until the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

Skincare Products


WHITEN LOTION Skin care lotion to help whiten and brighten skin. look healthy fast Contains extracts that help both renew skin cells to reveal white, smooth, clear skin and also add moisture to the newly born skin that is sensitive and sensitive. Make your skin not dry and tight. does not lose water in the skin This extract has special properties that can add moisture. And retain water in the skin layer better than collagen can restore rough and dry skin cells. Make the skin look white, bright and healthy at the same time and also contains Allantoin that helps reduce irritation. or inflammation of the skin as well It can reveal new skin that is white, bright, healthy skin. quickly usage : Apply WHITEN LOTION all over the body to nourish the skin to be white, smooth, bright and radiant again. It should be used continuously every day.