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Facial skin



24 K GOLD SERUM contains 24K LIPOBELLE GOLD pure gold extract processed with LIPOSOME PREPARATION NANO-SIZED GOLD PARTICLES technology that deeply increases the efficiency of the skin. Helps neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles. sagging skin and premature aging to look smooth and firm It also contains a mixture of NANOWHITE, making the skin clearer in a faster time. usage : Drop the product onto the fingertips and press the product over the face and neck. to give a feeling of liveliness and firmness youthful skin




SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE concentrated serum that can deal with the problem of aging wrinkles directly. See results both in the short term (IMMEDIATE) and in the long term (LONG-TERM) with SYN-AKE extracts (snake venom extracts) that are mixed in the formula up to 4%, increasing firmness, elasticity. The skin looks smoother than ever. NANOCLAIRE-GY which is a peptide in nano form can penetrate into the skin to the deeper layers and look naturally youthful There is also a mixture of Manuka Honey and extract from plankton that is full of quality to help take care of skin problems that are allergic or prone to acne usage : Drop SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE and massage your face (cheeks-around the lips-middle of the forehead-around the eyes).