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Bounce Lip, clay lipstick That comes with 3 in 1 usage, can be used on the lips, cheeks, and eyelids. The product feels light like velvet. but still has clear, dense pigments Revealing the look of girls that is cute, alluring, and interesting with a variety of shades that suit each person's identity. It is also combined with nourishment from Vitamin E and Hokkaido milk extract. avocado oil Argan oil and Alpha Bisabolol help protect and moisturize the skin. It is an antioxidant that reduces the chance of dull skin from sunlight and pollution. It also reduces skin irritation. Can be used with all skin types. usage : Apply Bounce lip to cheeks, eyes, and mouth in the desired amount. The texture of the lipstick is light, the color isn't too intense and can be topped up throughout the day.

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Dreamy mousse blush 3in1 blush products can be applied to both cheeks, lips and eyelids. Mousse texture is smooth, soft, light, not sticky, easy to spread with a mixture of silicone powder. that delivers a special soft and smooth appearance, unlike general blushes that are viscous when rubbed by hand give a natural look When blended in a small amount, it gives the look of healthy, bloody skin. usage : Take the blush on your fingers or a makeup brush and apply the desired amount on your cheeks, eyes and lips. Light blush texture, not much pigment, Dreamy mousse blush can be added throughout the day.