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Shallot extract has Anti-Bacteria properties. Has the effect of inhibiting various infections. With various sulfur compounds in the Flavonoids section, which is classified as an Antioxidant, following acne scars. and has qualifications Anti-Inflammatory Helps with inflammation of acne.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Hi-LiconeA™ Licorice Extract

Licochalcone A extract from licorice (Licorice Extract) has properties to reduce skin inflammation. Reduce redness from acne Reduce irritation Reduce the oiliness of the skin. Controls oil on the face, reducing acne. In addition, Licochalcone A's ability to control skin oil can also be used to reduce hair loss caused by an overly oily scalp. Which is one of the causes of hair loss.

Japanese pine extract helps strengthen new skin cells, can ensure skin structure, moisturize the skin, and helps exfoliate skin cells for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Mandelic Acid Powder, usually 100% AHA, for accelerating skin cell turnover. (Chemical Peeling/Skin Exfoliation) Extracted from Bitter Almond (Bitter Almond)

Extract obtained from the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia, or called Babchi for short. Currently, there are results of in-vivo trials confirming that Bakuchiol can act similarly to Retinol, but has the advantage of Doesn't irritate the skin.

Anti Acne

Rice Vitamin

rice vitamins Vitamin B8 (inositol) may cause the skin to retain its moisture balance, both for combination skin to balance oiliness and suitable for dry skin to keep the skin moisturized.

Rosehip Oil Has the ability to repair And take care of the skin naturally, no toxins, high moisture. Suitable for nourishing And restore the balance of dry, sensitive skin, reduce skin inflammation. Restores skin that has been burned by sunlight or radiation treatment. Has the ability to reduce wrinkles. Helps cracked and rough skin to be naturally smooth. Makes scars soft and faded, treats redness from acne.

The main history is San. 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (10-HDA) has the ability to reduce oiliness of the skin, causing oiliness on the face, reducing acne. antibacterial acne And from the cold, it was found that after using Royal Jelly Extrac 3% in the formula for 3 consecutive weeks, it was possible to reduce the oiliness of the skin at the time the results were seen starting after 7 days of use and the highest results were achieved after 2 weeks of using Royal. Jelly Extrac can be used until the skin is dry or dehydrated, but at this time

A special sugarcane extract containing the active substance Polisocanol not less than 98% of Octacosanol 80% minimum as measured by GC (Gas Chromatography, C-28). The secretion of lipids or lipids in the blood and helps Principles/disinfection of P. Acnes (Propionibacterium Acnes)

It is an oil obtained from extracting the leaves of the tea tree or Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is a plant native to eastern Australia. Contains many substances, one of which is Terpinen-4-ol. It has the effect of inhibiting the growth of germs and killing various types of bacteria, whether it be bacteria, viruses or fungi. This type of extract is therefore popularly used to create products for treating dermatitis, acne, dandruff, and nail fungus. Including the healing of wounds on the body.

Part 3 or Niacinamide contains vitamins that support our skin's normal recovery process, starting from wrinkles and acne scars, reducing redness and symptoms that may occur on the skin. Stimulates the production of ceramide, which increases firmness and results in smoother skin. It is an ingredient that helps tighten pores and controls oil on the skin, suitable for various parts. Have oily skin, however, it is a combination that is suitable for all skin types. Herbal properties Licorice Extract


Zinc PCA

It has properties to help reduce oil on the face, eliminate dandruff, and deodorize the body. Suitable for mixing in skin care products formulated to reduce acne (anti-acne), hair shampoo products formulated to eliminate dandruff. (anti-dandruff) and products that reduce body odor It can also help stimulate collagen synthesis.