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Hot cocoa drink Naatural Cocoa imported from France. Helps reduce starch and fat accumulated in the body. Helps to increase the burning of excess fat Control hunger, make you feel full longer decreased appetite The starch does not convert to sugar and does not accumulate sugar and fat in the body. usage : Pour 15 grams of supplementary food mixed with 150 ml of hot water, eat in the morning or before bedtime, 1 sachet per day.

INNOSLIM WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT capsule dietary supplement products are suitable for those who control weight by accelerating metabolism. Reduce the absorption of fat and sugar including reducing appetite In the recipe, there is a mixture of chitosan (Chitosan) that can trap fat in the body. along with Citrus Aurantium extract powder to help control hunger and reduce appetite. Suitable for those who like to eat fussy things. But still want to control weight, there are also Green coffee L-Carnitine and extracts from Astragalus. which accelerates the burning of fat accumulated in the body inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates Effectively reduces triglyceride levels in the blood. In addition, Zinc helps reduce the accumulation of cholesterol. and help balance the nervous system and brain usage : Take INNOSLIM WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT at least 30 minutes before a meal.


Slimming Coffee  Recipe sugar free Use a sweetener instead of sugar.Contains green tea extract Help accelerate the work of the body's metabolism to work better. and extracts from white beans and Garcinia Cambogia That helps reduce the amount of cholesterol, making the digestive system better. Inhibits fatty acid synthesis and lipogenesis, helps to block starch.In addition to having also reduced appetite with ingredients of L-PHENYLALANINE Controlling the feeling of hunger contributes to weight loss or stabilization. usage : Take Slimming Coffee 1 sachet a day (15 grams) dissolved in hot water 100-120 ml stir to dissolve.

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Whey Protein from whey protien isolate 90% imported from USA with 17 g/Scoop protein to help increase muscle. Suitable for exercisers to build muscle and lose weight Suitable for those who want to accelerate muscle building. Increase the process of extracting fat to use reduce fat transmission Most of the energy obtained is used for the work of the muscles in the body, helping to block and burn, reducing glucose absorption by 46%, reducing sugar, speeding up metabolism. convert glucose into energy Treatment of muscle atrophy usage : Take Whey protein isolate 1-2 Scoop (40G/Scoop) per day, shake in a shake with 120-150 ml of cold water, drink immediately before exercise.