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HYMAGIC-4D is a combination of four HYALURONIC ACIDs that differ in their special properties. (THREE-DIMENSIONAL NETWORK) for complete care of all skin layers (SKIN SURFACE, CUTICLE, EPIDERMIS, AND DERMIS) by adding moisture from outside and quickly retaining moisture from everywhere, the skin will be extra moisturized.



The main function of allantoin is to stimulate the rapid proliferation of cells. Has special properties in repairing rough tissue completely. In medicine, this substance is used to reduce inflammation of wounds. Covers the use of ingredients in cosmetics. Allantoin is an ingredient that protects the skin very well. Prevents allergic reactions and itchy skin. Helps retain water to nourish the skin, making the skin soft and moist all the time. Also, removing dead skin cells. Stimulate new skin cells

Aloe vera extract contains Aloctin A, Glycoprotein and Bradykininase which inhibits thromboxane without reducing inflammation and wound healing. Stimulate the creation of new cells, wounds heal quickly to increase collagen and elastin, trace wrinkles. marks and adds moisture to the skin

Buckwheat Wax contains a high proportion of Phytosterols. (Beta-Sitosterol approximately 70%, Campestrol approximately 17%, Delta 5-Avenastrol approximately 6%, Stigmasterol approximately 2%) Buckwheat Wax is also obtained by extraction. Supercritical CO2, which does not use any type of solvent in the extraction process. To obtain solvent-free extracts

Marigold flower extract Has moisturizing properties Reduce inflammation and irritation Treat sensitive skin and delay the aging of the skin It also helps protect against free radicals, filters light, reduces blockages, and is rich in Lutein, which has properties: 1. Anti-inflamatory, reducing inflammation such as inflammation from acne. Helps reduce redness from acne and helps heal wounds.


Ceramide NP

Ceramide 3 (Ceramide 3, or current name Ceramide NP), powder type, purity higher than 90%, has a structure similar to Ceramide under human skin. A type of lipid fat. Serves to protect cells from foreign substances. It is an important reinforcement of the skin layer. Take care of the keratin welds so that they are arranged neatly. It's like a shield to prevent water loss to the skin very well. Ceramides are essential for the skin. If they are lacking, the skin will not be bright and dry.

Nolin is a natural substance derived from sheep's wool and a mineral in skincare products and cosmetics due to its beneficial effects on the skin regardless of: Nolin creates protection on the lagel that is expected from factors such as landmarks and pollution. Barrier function to accommodate loss and balance the needs of the skin.


Natto Gum

Nuts for the benefit of being able to control the fermentation effectively in delivering extracts from the skin to the skin layer. According to research results, it was found that it provides more moisture to the skin. hyaluronic acid

Chamomile flower extract German Chamomile helps the active ingredients in cosmetics penetrate the skin. (transdermal) that can reduce the inflammatory response to proteins that detect bacteria


Oat Avenanthramides

Oat Avenanthramides Sometimes obtained by extracting colloidal oat with glycerin and water, some are naturally extracted. The cost is the result of researching methods for synthesizing Oat Avenanthramides. As for getting such substances Dihydroavenanthramide D (or INCI: Hydroxyphenyl Propamidobenzoic Acid) with properties of action on the skin, extract from Oat Avenanthramides. natural extraction ability

Extracts from the fruit and leaves of olives, which include Hydroxytyrosol obtained from the fruit and Oleuropein obtained from the leaves contain important substances that help fight aging. which gives excellent results Because the tissue inside the extract Contains substances that are resistant to harsh weather conditions. Can deeply nourish the skin Within the extract there are antioxidants. Also known as flavonoids. which is a substance that can act as an antioxidant on the skin Makes the skin look younger. Reduce wrinkles on the skin as well.

Pepper Extract (Piperine 98%) is commonly used in medicine. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. (Suppress inflammation) and treat vitiligo well. By using it in cosmetics, it has been found that it can help bring ingredients (penetration enhancer) which are naturally derived substances. Compared to other types of penetration enhancers obtained from chemical synthesis