About US

          White Cares Skincare and Cosmetic Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 as a full-service cosmetic, cosmeceutical and dietary supplement company. ready to take care of you with a professional team Whether it is a specialist scientist and highly experienced Including modern production processes It is safe and meets the standards of the Ministry of Public Health. To meet the needs of customers who want to do business under your own brand, White Cares has a branding team and professional designers who take care of you from the beginning. Until being successful in the business of creating a brand for cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and dietary supplements


White Cares Skincare and Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

          White Cares is one of the industry leaders in the production of cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and new dietary supplements, able to control the quality to meet the standards in every step. There is expertise and a team to control production and product research. produce products that meet the standards of the Ministry of Public Health Produce cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and food supplements as ONE-STOP SERVICE including registration service for cosmetic registration number Control every product with the FDA under the customer’s brand. There is a production plant with modern technology and machinery. To produce quality products for both domestic and international markets.