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Beta Glucan

Innovacan / beta glucan from yeast is classified as a polysaccharide compound. (polysaccharide) that has D-glucose subunits connected by beta-glycosidic bonds. (P-glycosidic bonds), which beta glucans found in nature have many groups. They have different characteristics depending on their chemical properties. and the three-dimensional structure of that type of beta-glucan. Generally, beta-glucan is found in rice bran, seaweed, cell walls of fungi. and found in some types of bacteria Currently, beta-glucan has been extracted from many living things to be used in various fields, such as producing health supplements. It is a source of fiber. mixed in cosmetics and as texturing agents

Copper peptide GHK-Cu concentration 1000ppm synthesized by combining peptide glycyl-histidyl-lysine with copper ion for solving scars, acne scars, reducing facial wrinkles, nourishing hair roots, stimulating hair growth. Suitable for use in conjunction with Derma Roller to stimulate the production of new skin cells faster. Treatment of acne scars and wrinkles on the face

grape seed extract that has strong antioxidant properties and also has properties to inhibit enzymes that attack collagen under the skin Helps to make the skin soft, moisturized, radiant, reduce dark spots, dull skin or even dark spots, red spots from acne.

Lanolin (Sheep Wool Grease, Pure) Lanolin is a natural substance derived from sheep's wool and is often used in skincare products and cosmetics due to its many skin benefits

Marine Plankton (Lifting, Tightening) from France contains Polysaccharide or polymers with high molecular weight. It was created by Plankton's natural mechanism under the sea to protect itself from the environment. Including the accumulation of nutrients for a living Pictures under difficult living conditions

orange peel extract It has properties that help prevent inflammation from infection. Help dissolve the fat coated on the skin. And that clog pores and reduce the production of oil from the sebaceous glands. It is the prevention of acne at the cause. It doesn't cause clogging in the pores. Acne therefore does not occur again. and reduce oiliness on the face as well Nourish your skin to shine brightly. Strengthen collagen in the skin layer. The orange peel contains essential oils such as citral (CITRAL), geraniol (GERANIOL) and linalol (LINALOOL) and orange peel.

Plankton Artemia Extract is an extract from Artemia Salina plankton that contains Diguanoside tetraphosphate (DT) at a level not less than 145mg/Kg which is suitable for use as a functional ingredient. anti-pollution Or protect the skin from various environments as well.

Vitamin A (Vitamin A) Retinal type (also known as Retinaldehyde) is vitamin A. The most effective that the FDA allows for use in cosmetics. Because it can be converted into Retionic Acid within 1 natural process by the skin (it can be converted faster than Retinol and is therefore more effective than Retinol).

stem cells from pink roses It was found to be more efficient than stem cells derived from other types of Rosa, with polyphenols 7 times higher than normal Rosa stem cells and flavonoids 6 times higher than normal Rosa stem cells.

Reduce Wrinkles

Salmon Roe Extract

Salmon Roe Extract contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, peptides, mineral salts and various amino acids. which different components As mentioned above It is the combination of active ingredients that makes Salmon Roe Extract the ideal product for revitalizing youthful skin. The various substances extracted from Salmon Roe will help revive the skin by stimulating the skin at the cellular level. and reverse the mechanism that causes wrinkling.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Snow Algae

Scientists discovered that Cells will live longer. If getting calories In limited and suitable quantities, Snow Algae was developed. To have a mechanism to control calories per skin cells, resulting in longer lifespan of skin cells.

ISqualane squalane from Olive (olive), the best quality. The purest, no dyes, no fat, good for all skin types. Especially for sensitive, acne-prone skin, use just a few drops. It helps make the skin moisturized, fresh, and wrinkle-free. Squalane is essential for our skin. It is a unique antioxidant from olive that helps moisturize the skin. and anti-aging Our body produces squalane on its own. but in reduced quantity When we grow up It starts to decrease from the age of 20 onwards. Squalane is similar to our sebum so it can be quickly absorbed into the skin. Helps fight dryness for flexibility and retain moisture to the skin Use to nourish the skin to be soft. Not dry and flaky. Can be used in makeup as a primer. Increase the effectiveness of moisturizers, suitable for facial skin care at night. Helps soften the skin on the nails and prevent cracks at the fingertips