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Paeonol's Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, whether encapsulated or not, can be directly dissolved in water, it is easy to process and will have a good effect on the skin.

Prebio-care is a prebiotic that takes care of bacteria that are beneficial to the skin and controls bacteria that are harmful to the skin. which when germs that are beneficial to the skin (skin normal flora) can grow well It will help control germs that are harmful to the skin. difficult to grow

Examples of Centella asiatica from the database of vitamins C, A, B1, and B2 have anti-inflammatory effects that effectively stimulate the activity of Type I & II collagen, which has a continuous effect on reducing wrinkles. And helps to exfoliate old cells that are found to reduce the concentration of melanin pigment that causes dull dark spots and red spots...

Chamomile extract has a fungal skin signature that helps the active ingredients in cosmetics penetrate the skin. (transdermal) can be verified as a technology that is gentle on skin cells, reducing the potential for irritation of acne and skin allergies. Helps bacteria help improve skin condition. increase consistency Indicates damage that has a high impact on every condition and every skin problem.

Properties help slow down the process that occurs in various wrinkles. following the traces Protect the skin from free radicals Proteins that cause damage... Stimulates the growth of dull facial skin, collagen, tightens facial skin and adds moisture to beautiful skin.

Cosmetic Ingredients


Glycoprotein is an important component in the Extracellular Matrix. It acts to bind skin cells to the collagen fiber structure. Glycoprotein connects to Collegen on one side and on the other side to the cell surface (cell-surface integrins).

As for the licorice root extract, which is believed to increase the effectiveness of the main radiance factor, it is found there.

Reduce Irritation

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract provides antioxidants. Reduce inflammation of the skin And helps nourish the skin to cause wrinkles and dark spots on the surface of various parts to...

Phytosphingosine It is considered an important component of healthy skin. Phytosphingosine has test results and provides various benefits to the skin as follows: 1. Restores the skin barrier (skin barrier) to dry and aged skin. 2. Has anti-microbial characteristics There are experimental results that the usage rate is higher than 100microgram/ml. It can help stop [...]

Portulaca Extract Better research into its effectiveness in reducing skin demands requires key ingredients including Omega-3 fatty acids, Purslane flavonoids, Norepinephrine. that works to reduce skin loss

Extract from Jeju Island Korea is an antioxidant that has a high amount of Flavonoids, Phenolics and Vitamin C that can help inhibit free ROS effectively. It can keep up with the results of freckles and freckles, following the continuation of the next journey. That point will look lighter. Inhibits the activity of collagen under the skin. It's good about wrinkles. It has the effect of nourishing and restoring the skin to be firm, helping to fight inflammation and reducing symptoms. It can help soothe the skin and revive damaged skin. From being exposed to sunlight, your skin will become strong, radiant, and look naturally radiant.

Extract obtained from the seeds of Psoralea corylifolia, or called Babchi for short. Currently, there are results of in-vivo trials confirming that Bakuchiol can act similarly to Retinol, but has the advantage of Doesn't irritate the skin.