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GREEN TEA CLEANSING GEL  Green tea cleansing gel. The formula is gentle on the skin. Can clean the face deeply. Combining the efficiency of cleaning to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil on the face with GREEN TEA EXTRACT that has detoxification properties. Make your skin completely clean. and is a highly efficient antioxidant It also contains shallot extracts. and olive oil extract Helps reduce factors in the formation of wrinkles. And reduce the cause of acne, reduce redness, dark spots, suitable for all skin types. especially sensitive skin It also helps retain moisture to the skin. Nourish your skin to be soft and smooth. not dry after washing face usage : Squeeze the product, Green Tea Facial Cleansing Gel. On the palm of the hand, mix with water and gently massage to have bubbles all over the face. by avoiding the eye area then rinse with clean water (Use to wash your face daily, morning-evening)


Sensitive Cleansing Gel, a non-foaming facial cleansing gel. Free from color additives and perfumes that cause allergies and irritation Highly gentle on facial skin Helps clean facial skin Removes oil stains Dirt that clogs pores Rich in natural extracts from CENTELLA, ALOE VERA that help add moisture. Ready to reduce acne Soothe irritated skin It also contains WITCH HAZEL extract, mangosteen peel extract. and pomegranate peel That helps protect the skin from various pollutants and reduces the creation of oil under the skin. It has a mild bacterial killing effect, thus reducing acne. and can inhibit acne inflammation Suitable for sensitive skin. and facial skin with acne problems Helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria, one of the causes of acne. *The cloudy color comes from ENCAPSULATED SALICYLIC ACID* usage : Squeeze Sensitive Cleansing Gel onto wet palm. Apply and gently massage on the face, then rinse with clean water.

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Tea tree oil acne mask is a facial mud mask with natural extracts from Centella asiatica, seaweed and tea tree oil. It has properties to help solve acne problems directly by inhibiting bacteria. Helps eliminate deteriorating acne cells to reduce clogging. It also controls oil on the face. which is a major cause of acne Helps tighten pores to smaller, reduce redness, dark spots, restore radiance to the skin. Help shed dead skin cells to peel off. anti irritation and provides moisture to the skin suitable for all skin types Even sensitive skin usage : Use a mud mask to mask your face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with clean water 1-2 times a week or use it on specific acne spots. acne area The mask texture is concentrated. Does not flake off into powder, adheres well to the skin


Facial cleansing products Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Gel Gentle tea tree facial cleansing formula For people with acne and sensitive skin Free from all types of SLS and Sulfate substances with tea tree extracts. Reduce the accumulation of bacteria Prevent new acne. And reduces inflammation of the skin very well. It also contains CAMELLIA SINENSIS LEAF EXTRACT, extract from green tea leaves. Protects the skin from damage from external factors such as UV light, preventing wrinkles. Slow down the deterioration of the skin. Control excess oil and provides long-lasting moisture to the skin After cleaning, it doesn't make the skin dry and tight. usage : Squeeze the product: Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Gel. Apply onto the palm of the hand mixed with water and gently massage to create foam all over the face. By avoiding the eye area Then rinse with clean water.

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TEA TREE OIL CLEANSING STICK is designed for deep cleansing of heavy makeup faces. Inside the stick is combined with Microneedle Sponge (Sponge Extract) giving a similar feel to Microneedling That helps stimulate the exfoliation of skin cells. In addition, TEA TREE OIL CLEANSING STICK also has Tea Tree Oil mixed in that helps prevent acne from wearing heavy makeup each day. Including the dirt completely removed. Ready to nourish the skin and stimulate skin cell turnover at the same time usage : Rotate at the bottom of the product. Hold the stick and slowly Roll and massage onto dry facial areas. Can be used both on the lips and around the eyes without water. To dissolve makeup, after cleaning the skin, gently wipe it off. With water or tissue paper


Milk jelly facial cleansing gel Suitable for massaging on the face. Gives a feeling of relaxation With extracts from TEA TREE OIL to adjust its effectiveness in helping reduce acne. and control oil Suitable for skin that is exposed to pollution. Say goodbye to acne problems Smooth and soft gel texture Deeply cleans from dust, pollution, and blockages with TREE TEA OIL extract that contains P. acnes, which helps kill acne bacteria. There is also a mixture of COCAMIDOPROPYL DIMETHYLAMINE It is a cleansing agent that is gentle on the skin. Able to cleanse deeply and Hokkaido Milk that adds moisture back to the skin. usage : Wash your face with water. Use to clean your face regularly in the morning and evening. **Suitable for removing makeup (medium)

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TRI-PHASE CLEANSING OIL Facial cleansing products. cleansing oil With the technique of using oils to cleanse the skin of different masses To create a 3-layer cleansing oil with Aromatic compound from natural essential oils. Gives a relaxing aesthetic scent In use, just gently shake all 3 layers to blend together into a light orange color. can clean the face thoroughly Especially lipophilic (waterproof) cosmetics, each layer consists of

  1. PURIFYING OIL LAYER removes makeup stains dirt and pollution which reduces clogging of hair follicles
  2. CALMING NATURAL LAYER is rich in 7 types of natural oils that help soothe the skin and gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
  3. SOOTHING WATER LAYER Layer with natural extracts to help relax the skin. Provides moisture to the skin. reduce acne Helps restore dry, cracked, flaky skin
usage : Gently shake the cleansing oil to mix together. Soak a cotton ball with cleansing oil. or drip on the palm Massage over the face and neck. Then rinse with clean or lukewarm water.