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Blue-green algae claim to have discovered that one of the best natural sources of nutrients has a protein concentration of 70% by dry weight. Concentration control system 18 events that the body cannot produce itself. Protein content in normal protein. The matter of various valuable vitamins Many of the important reasons are that blue-green algae can be extracted into “Blue-green algae dietary supplements cause various causes. Depending on the consideration of nutritional value, it still helps to enhance the control of liver disease. The liver's efficiency results in neutralizing free radicals that cause damage.

Nourish the Brain

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is most often accumulated in the muscles and brain by the pancreas, kidneys and the human body. Creatine is formed and changes the stored energy accordingly. They also get nutrients from eating red meat and seafood. But most people prefer to take supplements rather than herbs to explain muscle function. and enhance exercise or military performance

Egg whites are considered a source of protein. (Complete protein) that is rich in nutrients that are more effective for the body in protein than other protein sources such as soy milk, which is Boomin, a protein that is very well known in The watery part of blood is a type of protein that can be dissolved in water and is found mostly in egg whites. The function of albumin is to maintain fluid levels in the blood vessels. Do not let it seep outside the blood vessels. (can cause) resulting in blood clots and Different parts of the body do not allow the body to have much different immunity.

Pumpkin, various vitamins and minerals A lot for the body, such as element A 1 2 2 3 3 3 5 vitamin C 6 vitamin C, element E, phosphorus element Calcium element element element The elements include manganese, iron, zinc, etc. It is a healthy food for most people who want to lose weight because pumpkin has concentrated fiber, has few calories and fat, so it is suitable for losing weight and controlling body weight.

Sobel Soy Protein Powder is a protein supplement that contains the same amount of protein as protein in milk and soy butter, eggs, GMP factory that has been skimmed and mostly has a protein content of more than 90%, showing no signs of bloating.

Whey Protein is protein extracted from cow's milk It is a by-product of the cheese production process. After separating the carbohydrates, fats and casein protein, resulting in concentrated pure protein.

Strengthen Muscles

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein refers to a source of high quality protein extracted from cow's milk. Sometimes it can be extracted and the fat may be removed, leaving only concentrated protein that is then dried to make protein powder that can be removed... Can be stored for a long time and is convenient to drink and eat.

Extraction of fucoxanthin (Fucoxanthin) from edible brown seaweed helps slow down the accumulation of fat in multifunctional fat cells and accelerates enzymes that convert fat into energy again.