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24 K GOLD SERUM contains 24K LIPOBELLE GOLD pure gold extract processed with LIPOSOME PREPARATION NANO-SIZED GOLD PARTICLES technology that deeply increases the efficiency of the skin. Helps neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles. sagging skin and premature aging to look smooth and firm It also contains a mixture of NANOWHITE, making the skin clearer in a faster time. usage : Drop the product onto the fingertips and press the product over the face and neck. to give a feeling of liveliness and firmness youthful skin

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CENTELLA SERUM Help reduce wrinkles from acne. Nourish your skin to be bright. Moisturizes the skin, reduces oiliness, protects the skin from irritation. add water to the skin Increase the efficiency of creating collagen for the skin. Uses : Use Centella serum to apply skin morning-evening.

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GO-VC Vit-C Serum Adjust the skin to be bright and clear. Ready to reveal beautiful glowing skin naturally with vitamin GO-VC, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, acne scars look faded. Help adjust the skin color to be white, smooth, look natural. Helps to nourish the skin to look younger. reduce wrinkles and helps nourish the skin to be soft and moisturized Reduced oiliness on the skin usage : After washing your face, apply GO-VC Vit-C Serum on the skin followed by skin care in the next step.

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HYA 8 SERUM Serum sauce with hyaluron that can expand large, medium and small size that has undergone vigorous growth thus becoming a dense, highly regenerating filler, filling deep wrinkles at any depth and flashing and firming. smooth fitting smooth by all ingredients fragrance free without color additives silicone free without parabens usage : After washing your face, apply HYA 8 SERUM all over your face and neck.

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LICOICE SURUM Helps to make the skin soft, moisturized, radiant, is a highly effective antioxidant. that contributes to reducing irritation or inflammation and allergic reactions of the skin effectively as a shield to protect the skin from various pollution Make the skin feel strong and look healthy. In addition to these features, it is Licorice contains substances that help whiten and brighten the skin. Licorice extract acts to inhibit the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase (tyrosinase) inhibiting melanin pigmentation. It helps reduce blemishes, freckles and dark spots as well. It makes dull skin cells look faded. The skin looks smooth and consistent. felt within 7 days usage : Apply LICOICE SURUM all over the face and neck morning-evening.

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MINERAL ESSENCE facial serum products are rich in main extracts, including extracts from up to 5 types of minerals, known as (ACB BIO - CNELATL 5 PE) that help increase work efficiency. It is a skin barrier, adds growth factor to the skin and works with various enzymes under the skin. To repair the skin from various pollution, it also contains Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (PITEARA) that stimulates skin cells to be firmer. Pores are tightened and smaller. There are also substances that moisturize. non sticky Can be better absorbed into the skin, designed to be used in conjunction with glycerin. Because it will enhance the efficiency of absorption better in the active substance ACB BIO - CNELATL 5 PE as well. usage : Drop 1-2 drops of MINERAL ESSENCE serum on the face, apply over the face regularly, morning-evening.

Facial skin


MULTI-PEPTIDE SERUM anti aging By inhibiting the reaction of Glyoxal and Methyl Glyoxal, which are the precursors of AGEs that cause wrinkles), prevent UV light, damage the skin, fight free radicals, prevent pollution of the skin. It tightens the skin by attracting moisture to the epidermis. Although the chemical is considered safe for use in skin care, the ingredient's ability to break down skin pigmentation may lead to skin discoloration problems, helping to correct under-eye bags by preventing puffiness. usage : Drop the product onto the fingertips and press the product over the face and neck.

Facial skin



PETAL ROSE TONER Comes with DEMASK ROSE petals floating in a clear amber toner. Gives a subtle rose scent, invaluable to revitalize tired skin. Formulated without alcohol. Combine aloe vera extract. From organic farms certified by ECOCERT, USDA, 200 times more concentrated than natural. Rose petal water toner, in addition to helping to condition the skin before the next step of maintenance. There is also an astringent effect from rose water that helps tighten pores. Help restore dehydrated skin and adjust the condition for a naturally radiant skin. Balancing the oil production of the skin and antioxidants that cause wrinkles usage : Use a cotton ball moistened with toner or drip onto the palm, gently rub over the face and neck. except around the eyes After washing your face every morning and evening Can be used as PRE SKIN CONDITIONER before serum treatment. or skin cream in the next step

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SOOTHING FACIAL Emulsion facial cream containing IBR-ProPhyDerm. It is derived from the combination of IBR-Dormin and IBR-TCLC, resulting in steroid-like efficacy in reducing skin irritation. allergic skin reactions caused by external factors For example, steroid allergy in cosmetics. including allergic rashes from skin allergies Beneficial in adjusting skin cells to normal conditions. as well as helping to strengthen the immune system of the skin It also contains a mixture of licorice root extract. Reduce allergy or irritation relieve inflammation of the skin Helps to strengthen the skin, can be used to treat atopic dermatitis. The cream does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. can be used both oily-dry skin usage : Apply SOOTHING FACIAL to the skin in the morning and evening.




SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE concentrated serum that can deal with the problem of aging wrinkles directly. See results both in the short term (IMMEDIATE) and in the long term (LONG-TERM) with SYN-AKE extracts (snake venom extracts) that are mixed in the formula up to 4%, increasing firmness, elasticity. The skin looks smoother than ever. NANOCLAIRE-GY which is a peptide in nano form can penetrate into the skin to the deeper layers and look naturally youthful There is also a mixture of Manuka Honey and extract from plankton that is full of quality to help take care of skin problems that are allergic or prone to acne usage : Drop SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE and massage your face (cheeks-around the lips-middle of the forehead-around the eyes).




Sakura Toner that selects leading cherry blossoms from Japan A light, refreshing formula that deeply nourishes the skin. Liven up with the brilliance of cherry blossoms from Jeju. Helps promote skin moisture levels Reveal your skin to look radiant. Valuable with pure cherry blossom extract that accelerates the shedding of old skin cells to reveal new skin Reduce dullness on the face, restore radiance to the skin. Help strengthen the skin. Restore dry and damaged skin to look fuller and healthier. It also contains extracts from aloe vera. Ginseng extract and rose water extract that soothes the skin from exhaustion to return it to its radiance Ready to provide moisture to the skin from the inside out. and protects the skin from external pollution usage : After cleaning the skin Use a cotton pad moistened with Sakura toner to soak or drop into the palm and apply onto the skin in the morning and evening. It is the first step in a daily skincare routine. Followed by a revitalizing serum for full results.