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Skincare Products



24 K GOLD SERUM contains 24K LIPOBELLE GOLD pure gold extract processed with LIPOSOME PREPARATION NANO-SIZED GOLD PARTICLES technology that deeply increases the efficiency of the skin. Helps neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles. sagging skin and premature aging to look smooth and firm It also contains a mixture of NANOWHITE, making the skin clearer in a faster time. usage : Drop the product onto the fingertips and press the product over the face and neck. to give a feeling of liveliness and firmness youthful skin

HYMAGIC-4D is a combination of four HYALURONIC ACID with different properties. with the ability to create (THREE-DIMENSIONAL NETWORK) for complete care of all skin layers (SKIN SURFACE, CUTICLE, EPIDERMIS, AND DERMIS) by replenishing moisture from the outside and keeping moisture from the inside. In this way, the skin is perfectly hydrated.

Skincare Products



Abalone Pearl Whitening Mask is rich in glycosaminoglycans. that stimulates the production of skin cells Restores skin cells to be strong, smooth, flexible, not sagging. It also contains extracts from brown algae from the deep sea. that helps resist melanin pigment It does not dull the skin, reduces freckles, dark spots, acne scars and aloe vera that adds moisture to the skin on the face. to be hydrated all the time Reduce irritation on the face It also contains vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and glutathione. that protects against UVA rays causing wrinkles on the face It also resists free radicals. Exfoliate skin cells to look naturally white and bright. usage : Mark on the face before bedtime. without having to wash off regularly every day

Dietary supplement product, drink type, ACAI BERRY COLLAGEN collagen dipeptide. Obtained from deep sea fish, 100% pure, imported from Japan. The smallest molecular size can be absorbed and used quickly. easy to eat no fishy smell With Vitamin C and Strawberry Extract Powder that stimulates collagen production in the skin, reduces dark spots, reduces roughness from the skin, and also contains Acai Berry Extract and Tomato Extract as antioxidants. Helps to slow down aging, deterioration of skin cells, nourish and condition the skin to be bright, radiant and healthy. usage : Take ACAI BERRY COLLAGEN 1 sachet a day before breakfast (15 g) Dissolve the product in 150 ml of room temperature drinking water or cold water, stir until dissolved.

Has anti-aging properties that protect skin cells from being damaged by free radicals. cause of aging effective in reducing fading And anti-wrinkle like natural Botox helps maintain the structure of the skin layer. Make your skin smooth and detailed. firm, firm, look younger and always shine brightly It also helps to improve the digestive system. Acai Berry is high in fiber. Helps to make the digestive system work more efficiently, clean, better digestive system and helps in detoxification, reducing irritation by helping to prevent and reducing irritation symptoms related to the respiratory system

Reduce Irritation

ActiveRelease Paeonol

Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract with a high concentration of Paeonol and processed. encapsulation so that it can dissolve in water directly making it easy to use and absorbed into the skin well

Astaxanthin from Adonis flowers Neab Bong is a highly effective antioxidant. and classified as the most effective antioxidant When comparing the efficiency of antioxidants with various nutrients as follows



The main function of allantoin is to stimulate rapid cell proliferation. It has special properties in repairing rough tissue completely. In medicine, this substance is used to reduce inflammation of the wound. covering to being used as an ingredient in cosmetics Allantoin is a great skin protection ingredient. Prevention of skin allergies Helps retain water, nourish the skin, increase the skin's softness and moisture all the time. It also removes dead skin cells. stimulate new skin cells

Shallot Extract has Anti-Bacteria properties. It has the effect of inhibiting various bacteria with Sulfur Compounds and is also rich in Flavonoids, which are classified as Antioxidant, helping to reduce the appearance of acne scars. and qualified Anti-Inflammatory Helps relieve inflammation of acne.

Aloe vera extract containing Aloctin A, Glycoprotein and Bradykininase inhibits thromboxane, reduces inflammation, heals wounds, stimulates new cell formation. make the wound heal faster Strengthen collagen and elastin Help reduce wrinkles. Ready to add moisture to the skin.

Extracts derived from many plants, which have the ability to directly inhibit the melanin pigmentation process. With the mechanism of inhibiting the oxidation reaction of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is the process that causes skin pigmentation. It has also been confirmed to be a highly effective and safe extract. It can be used continuously for a long time without side effects. Alpha arbutin is therefore very popular in skin care products that meet the needs of radiance.

Alpha Citrus (Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin) It comes from taking Hesperidin, a substance found in citrus peels. But there are many benefits to the skin. But there is a limitation of use, that is, it cannot dissolve well in water. and does not have a good stability to combine with Glucose, making it easy to dissolve in water and has high stability But still maintains the effectiveness of various skin care as before