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Skincare Products



24 K GOLD SERUM contains 24K LIPOBELLE GOLD pure gold extract processed with LIPOSOME PREPARATION NANO-SIZED GOLD PARTICLES technology that deeply increases the efficiency of the skin. Helps neutralize free radicals that cause wrinkles. sagging skin and premature aging to look smooth and firm It also contains a mixture of NANOWHITE, making the skin clearer in a faster time. usage : Drop the product onto the fingertips and press the product over the face and neck. to give a feeling of liveliness and firmness youthful skin

HYMAGIC-4D is a combination of four HYALURONIC ACIDs that differ in their special properties. (THREE-DIMENSIONAL NETWORK) for complete care of all skin layers (SKIN SURFACE, CUTICLE, EPIDERMIS, AND DERMIS) by adding moisture from outside and quickly retaining moisture from everywhere, the skin will be extra moisturized.

Skincare Products



Abalone Pearl Whitening Mask is rich in glycosaminoglycans. that stimulates the production of skin cells Restores skin cells to be strong, smooth, flexible, not sagging. It also contains extracts from brown algae from the deep sea. that helps resist melanin pigment It does not dull the skin, reduces freckles, dark spots, acne scars and aloe vera that adds moisture to the skin on the face. to be hydrated all the time Reduce irritation on the face It also contains vitamin B5, vitamin B3 and glutathione. that protects against UVA rays causing wrinkles on the face It also resists free radicals. Exfoliate skin cells to look naturally white and bright. usage : Mark on the face before bedtime. without having to wash off regularly every day

Paeonol's Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, whether encapsulated or not, can be directly dissolved in water, it is easy to process and will have a good effect on the skin.



The main function of allantoin is to stimulate the rapid proliferation of cells. Has special properties in repairing rough tissue completely. In medicine, this substance is used to reduce inflammation of wounds. Covers the use of ingredients in cosmetics. Allantoin is an ingredient that protects the skin very well. Prevents allergic reactions and itchy skin. Helps retain water to nourish the skin, making the skin soft and moist all the time. Also, removing dead skin cells. Stimulate new skin cells

Shallot extract has Anti-Bacteria properties. Has the effect of inhibiting various infections. With various sulfur compounds in the Flavonoids section, which is classified as an Antioxidant, following acne scars. and has qualifications Anti-Inflammatory Helps with inflammation of acne.


Almond Flour

Almond Flour Almond Powder Rich in Healthy Fats: Almond flour is a good source of healthy fats. Including both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Aloe vera extract contains Aloctin A, Glycoprotein and Bradykininase which inhibits thromboxane without reducing inflammation and wound healing. Stimulate the creation of new cells, wounds heal quickly to increase collagen and elastin, trace wrinkles. marks and adds moisture to the skin

Extracts from many plants that have the ability to directly inhibit melanin production by officially inhibiting the oxidation of the tyrosinase enzyme that causes Make the skin visible and you will see extracts that show continued effectiveness without side effects. Alpha Arbutin will be introduced again in skincare products that answer is about clarity

Alpha Citrus (Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin) is made from Hesperidin, a substance found in orange peels. But it has many benefits for the skin. But there are limitations to its use: it cannot dissolve in water well. and does not have good stability. Comes together with Glucose, making it easily soluble in water. and has high stability But still maintaining the same efficiency in nourishing various skin types

Prebio-care is a prebiotic that takes care of bacteria that are beneficial to the skin and controls bacteria that are harmful to the skin. which when germs that are beneficial to the skin (skin normal flora) can grow well It will help control germs that are harmful to the skin. difficult to grow




The sweet and sour scent of Bergamot revitalizes. Combined with the aura of spices that are sweet and spicy. fused with the warmth of amber wood that provides a feeling of relaxation as if liberating with nature