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SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE concentrated serum that can deal with the problem of aging wrinkles directly. See results both in the short term (IMMEDIATE) and in the long term (LONG-TERM) with SYN-AKE extracts (snake venom extracts) that are mixed in the formula up to 4%, increasing firmness, elasticity. The skin looks smoother than ever. NANOCLAIRE-GY which is a peptide in nano form can penetrate into the skin to the deeper layers and look naturally youthful There is also a mixture of Manuka Honey and extract from plankton that is full of quality to help take care of skin problems that are allergic or prone to acne usage : Drop SYN-AKE BIOPEPTIDE and massage your face (cheeks-around the lips-middle of the forehead-around the eyes).