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TOTAL HAIR TONIC germination stimulating products Reduce hair loss (eyebrows, hair, mustache, beard) with innovative ingredients Procapil and BIO-CAPIGEN VEG that help reduce hormone production (DHT), prevent hair loss. It also helps to maintain the hair in the growth phase all the time (anagen), reducing the phase of hair loss. It is also a source of amino acids, which are nutrients that nourish the hair roots to increase the growth and integrity of the hair roots. Increase the division and regeneration of hair in the hair follicles. Usage : Drops of TOTAL HAIR TONIC at the hair roots, gently massage with fingertips, use a cool blow dryer to dry completely 2-3 times a week after bathing. Can be used in all areas that need to increase hair growth. *The actual product model may not be the same as the model used in the advertisement. Please contact me before ordering *

Skincare Products



VIRGIN COCONUT OIL TREATMENT Concentrated hair conditioner products For fine, flat hair Contains no Paraben, Mineral Oil, SLES, SLS, MI/MIT, and Alcohol that cause irritation. and contains coconut oil extract wheat protein with short molecules that can be absorbed into the skin gently and contains antioxidants within the skin cells. which contains extracts from cetrinium chloride Hydrolyzed keratin, biotin and urea. That helps to nourish dry and dry hair to have weight. Reduce the frizz of the hair and adjust the condition of the hair to be beautiful, shiny, healthy and not easy to break. Reduce premature gray hair. usage : Gently massage VIRGIN COCONUT OIL TREATMENT the conditioner into the hair to the ends of the hair for 1-2 minutes. Then rinse with clean water.