Senna Leaf Extract

Senna leaf extract It also contains many other important substances, both glycosides and including Sennoside which contains Sennoside A, B, C and D, which helps relieve constipation. Help deworm Helps get rid of phlegm It also helps reduce fever, helps heal wounds, and has the effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi. Stimulates movement and peristalsis of the intestines, causing bowel movements. and stimulates the secretion of water to allow the body to expel waste products It also has the effect of helping to prevent infection of intestinal wounds. In medicine, the extracted leaves are used to make medicine for various diseases. Suitable for patients who have defecation and intestinal problems. Helps to take photos easier. The stools are soft and more numerous. Helps restore peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. The main substance that acts as a laxative is sennosides A and B, which are anthraquinone.