Filling and Packaging Service

บริการบรรจุสินค้า Product packing service Filling and Packaging Service

Filling and Packaging Service

The White cares provides accurate and standardized packaging services as specified by the Ministry of Public Health. A variety of packaging such as bottles, tubes and envelopes can be packed in the most modern and safe method. Including folding boxes, packaging in the LOT shooting box, date of manufacture and expiration on the packaging. In addition, the seal film service is wrapped in products or boxes.

บริการยิง LOT บริการบรรจุสินค้า Filling and Packaging Service


The White Cares offers the production date (MFD), expiration date (EXP) and Lot Number or various code on the cosmetic product. Plastic bottle supplement boxes, plastic bottles, etc. can be shot in various positions. That you want all surfaces, such as on the side of the bottle under the bottle on the box on the product label etc.

บริการบรรจุครีมลงซองซาเช่ บริการบรรจุสินค้า Filling and Packaging Service

Sachet packing service

Cream packaging in a seal bag or aluminum foil envelope with modern and effective machinery in every production procedure as specified by the Ministry of Public Health.

บริกการรับแพ็คสินค้า บริการบรรจุสินค้า

Packing service

Providing boxes and crates of all kinds, along with the Shrink Film service, sticker on the packaging.