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Body scrub products COFFEE & APRICOAT SCRUB with natural scrub beads. Such as apricot kernels, olive seeds, which are small, rounded, not cut the skin, Arabica coffee beans. It will help scrub the epidermis skin cells. Helps skin return to moisture, softness, flexibility, good health. and with fresh tamarind meat Contains natural AHA acids to help exfoliate skin cells and exfoliate the skin to be naturally smooth and soft. Turmeric powder helps accelerate the creation of collagen under the skin. Make the skin firm, flexible, look younger. It also contains moisturizing ingredients and honey. that adds freshness to the body Contains anti-oxidants Help nourish the skin to shine bright. It looks naturally hydrated and the chalk helps absorb the oil. Remove dirt on the skin. Make the skin less oily Reduce the cause of acne on the back usage : Scrub the COFFEE & APRICOAT SCRUB scrub on the body and leave it for 2-3 minutes, followed by a little water. Repeat the scrub and the scrub will turn into soft, fluffy foam. and rinse with clean water

Cosmetics category


Body scrub product, cold pressed coconut oil. Suitable for dry skin While scrubbing the skin will feel the scrub beads that are smooth and soft, not hurt the skin while scrub. The skin will remain hydrated and leave it hydrated. Makes the skin not dry or flaky. Improve healthy & glow skin with Shea Butter, rich in fatty acids help to coat the skin. almond oil, which has antioxidants to slow down the aging of the skin. Scrubbing is the main factor in stimulating the skin's turnover. In addition, this formula uses the natural scent of peppermint essential oil that smells fresh, relaxing while scrubbing. usage : Can be used on both face and body, scrub and leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with clean water